Connected Google Customer Reviews keychain with integrated NFC chip

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The Google Customer Reviews NFC Keychain is a convenient and innovative tool that allows businesses to quickly and easily collect customer reviews from Google. With its NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, this key fob offers a practical solution to encourage customers to leave their reviews and ratings online.

This compact and lightweight keychain can be distributed to customers after their visit or purchase, and they only need to bring it near a compatible terminal to go directly to the company's page on Google and leave their opinion.

By using the Google Customer Reviews NFC Keychain, businesses can increase their online visibility, improve their reputation and attract new customers through positive recommendations from their satisfied customers.

Moreover, the NFC key fob can be customized with company logo and information, enhancing brand promotion and providing a smooth and convenient user experience.

With the Google Customer Reviews NFC Keychain, businesses can easily collect customer reviews, improve their online presence, and maintain a strong relationship with their customers. This effective tool is a convenient and modern way to encourage customer reviews and build a business's online reputation.

Features :

  • NFC technology enables quick and easy wireless connection with other compatible devices.
  • The NFC key fob is compact and easy to carry, providing a convenient solution for accessing important information.
  • Increased security is guaranteed through NFC authentication, which protects user data.
  • The high quality materials used for the construction of the NFC key fob guarantee its durability and resistance.
  • Using the NFC key fob is intuitive and does not require any special technical skills.
  • The elegant and professional design of the NFC key fob makes it a perfect choice for professionals.

NFC NTAG 215 chip:

  • Data transfer at 106 kbit/s
  • Support auto counter readings
  • Configurable password protection
  • Available memory: 504 Bytes
  • Universal Compatibility

Size: 4x4cm / 40x40mm

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